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Understanding Maldives Travelers: Insights into Hotel Selection and Booking Preferences

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When it comes to choosing and booking a hotel in the Maldives, the preferences and methods used by travelers can vary significantly. Understanding these behaviors is essential for hoteliers to effectively market their properties and optimize their presence across various channels. In this blog post, we delve into the hotel selection factors and booking flow among guests traveling to the Maldives, with a special focus on the overlap between travel inspiration and booking intent.

Booking Channels

Based on recent data, the distribution of booking channels among guests traveling to the Maldives is as follows:

  • 36% via travel agents
  • 30% on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • 21% plan to book direct
  • 11% (mainly solo business travelers) by other means

Hotel Selection Influence Factors

The top factors influencing hotel selection among these travelers include:

  • Social media (nearly 36% with Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook combined)
  • Recommendations from travel agents
  • Instagram (16% alone)
  • Recommendations from friends and family

Online search and OTA search play a less significant role in hotel selection, and Facebook is the least impactful platform among all social media channels.

Travel Inspiration vs. Booking Intent

There is a noteworthy overlap between travel inspiration and booking intent, highlighting the importance of a multi-channel approach to marketing and booking strategies. For example:

  • Over 40% of travelers who prioritize recommendations from travel agents plan to book online (OTA and direct). This suggests that even though travel agents play a significant role in influencing decisions, a considerable number of travelers still choose to book through digital channels.
  • Among those who book with travel agents, over 35% get inspired by online search, OTA search, and 22% from social media. This implies that although travelers may eventually book through travel agents, their hotel choices are often influenced by digital platforms and online research.

For guests who book directly or on OTAs, key influence factors are Instagram, TikTok, and friends and family recommendations. Online search and OTA search influence are minimal, and those who book direct are very unlikely to engage with travel agents. This reveals the power of social media and word-of-mouth in attracting direct and OTA bookings.

Interestingly, among those who get inspired by OTAs, over 41% will book via a travel agent, 19% book direct, and only 28% end up booking on an OTA. This indicates that even though OTAs are an important source of inspiration, many travelers prefer to book through travel agents or directly with the hotel, potentially seeking more personalized service or better deals.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Presence

These findings emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong presence and looking good on all channels and platforms. To effectively target and convert guests, hoteliers need to focus on showcasing their properties on social media, engaging with travel agents, and optimizing their direct booking channels. By understanding the overlap between travel inspiration and booking intent, hotels can develop more effective marketing campaigns and capture bookings from various sources.


To succeed in the competitive Maldives tourism market, hoteliers must understand the hotel selection factors and booking flow among their potential guests. By tailoring marketing strategies to address these preferences and maintaining a strong presence across various channels, hotels can maximize their reach and increase bookings. Recognizing the overlap between travel inspiration and booking intent allows hoteliers to craft a multi-channel approach that appeals to travelers at every stage of their journey, ultimately driving more business and enhancing guest satisfaction.

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