Vietnam Weekly Predictive Market Insights and Inbound Travel Trend Forecast, August 2023

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Date of Analysis: August 6, 2023
Data Collection Period: July 30 – August 6, 2023

Welcome to our market insights and travel forecast analysis for Vietnam, a captivating Southeast Asian destination known for its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture. In this report, we will explore the inbound travel intent trends for Vietnam in the next 31 to 90 days, providing valuable insights for both industry professionals and travelers planning their upcoming journeys.

Inbound Travel Intent Trends for the Next 31 to 90 Days

Let’s begin by examining the inbound travel intent trends for Vietnam in the next 31 to 90 days. The following table displays the average age, average budget, average length of stay (LOS), and average daily rate (ADR) for travelers from different countries:

CountryAvg. AgeAvg. BudgetAvg. LOSAvg. ADR
South Korea36$1,0138$122

Analyzing the data, we can derive key travel trends for Vietnam in the next 31 to 90 days:

  • Germany: German travelers, aged 36 on average, are projected to have the highest average budget of $2,580 for a 9-day stay in Vietnam. They are likely to seek immersive experiences, explore the country’s historical landmarks, and indulge in its culinary delights.
  • US: American travelers, also aged 37 on average, have the longest average length of stay, 12 days, in Vietnam during this period. They are likely to venture beyond the popular tourist spots, embrace the local culture, and explore the diverse landscapes of the country.
  • India: Indian travelers, aged 36 on average, have the lowest average budget of $450 for a 9-day stay in Vietnam. They are likely to opt for more budget-friendly accommodations and focus on experiencing the local traditions and natural beauty.

These insights offer valuable information about the preferences and behavior of travelers from different countries in the coming months. Now, let’s compare these trends with the data from the previous 30 days to identify any shifts in travel preferences.

Changes in Travel Trends

Comparing the inbound travel intent trends for the previous 30 days with the upcoming 31 to 90 days, we can observe the following changes:

  • Australia: Australian travelers’ average budget has seen a slight increase from $1,281 to $1,321, indicating a willingness to spend a bit more on their Vietnam trip. However, their average length of stay remains unchanged at 10 days, suggesting a preference for longer vacations.
  • China: Chinese travelers’ average budget has decreased slightly from $903 to $945, showing a slightly more budget-conscious approach. However, their average length of stay remains consistent at 6 days, indicating a preference for shorter getaways.
  • France: French travelers’ average age has increased from 27 to 36, signaling a shift towards attracting an older demographic. However, their average budget and length of stay have remained stable.


Vietnam’s allure as a captivating destination continues to draw travelers from across the globe. As we look ahead to the next 31 to 90 days, the travel trends reveal that visitors from different countries have distinct preferences and priorities when exploring the country.

For industry professionals, understanding these market insights is crucial for tailoring their services and offerings to meet the expectations of their guests.

Whether it’s providing immersive cultural experiences for German travelers or promoting unique adventures for American visitors, catering to specific market preferences can enhance the overall travel experience. To stay ahead in the ever-evolving travel industry, we recommend exploring our data-driven Vietnam hotel marketing tips. Additionally, you can stay updated with the latest market trends by following all updates on LinkedIn or subscribing to our weekly email updates sent out every Monday. Vietnam’s charm awaits, with its bustling cities, tranquil countryside, and warm hospitality. It’s time to embark on a journey of discovery and exploration. 

This analysis is based on data collected during the past 7 days (July 30 – August 6, 2023).