About GuestRadar

The GuestRadar story began in 2019 when one of its co-founders was working on a 360 market intelligence tool for a global luxury hotel chain.

What is GuestRadar?

GuestRadar is a market intelligence platform for hotels and resorts, founded in 2021. Our cutting-edge 360 platform provides a comprehensive view of the market, enabling hotels and resorts to make data-driven decisions and improve their business performance.

Our interactive dashboards aggregate data from over 20 data sources, including search and booking information from multiple booking engine companies, OTAs, and direct survey research among travel planners. We use this data to present a 360 market overview, understanding future travel trends and booking intent across all sales channels, including direct, OTAs, and travel agents.

Our predictive market analytics system was initially developed for a global hotel chain, but since funding was halted, our team of developers came together to create a similar platform for the entire hotel industry. The platform is designed to help hotels and resorts optimize their revenue management, pricing, and marketing strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our platform provides insights into customer behavior, preferences, and booking patterns, allowing hotels and resorts to make more informed decisions. The interactive GuestRadar dashboard shows trends and insights by country, hotel budget, and more, making it a fantastic tool to plan hotel marketing strategies.

While new hotel and resort management teams sign up to GuestRadar on a daily basis from the Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, and Indonesia – we are committed to continuously improve our platform to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Future plans include adding new destinations, developing highly accurate AI-driven long-term predictions, and developing modules to monitor local markets relevant destinations.

GuestRadar’s mission is to provide the hotel and resort industry with a powerful tool that enables them to stay ahead of the competition, improve their guest experience, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Contact us with any questions, or feel free to sign up for the free-forever version to try Guestradar.


We’re a group of unconventional visionaries who prioritize market insights for hoteliers without excessive formalities or a mission to save the world.

Our agile company structure enables us to deliver exceptional value at a low cost, and as a fully remote, self-funded business, we avoid financial obligations to banks or investors.

With minimal expenses and mostly automated processes, we rely on exceptional, experienced talent from top companies to work with us at GuestRadar.

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