About GuestRadar

The GuestRadar story began in 2019 when one of its co-founders was working on a 360 market intelligence tool for a global luxury hotel chain.

Our story

Our story started in mid-2019 when a French luxury hotel chain hired a hotel-sector-focused data consulting company to design a 360 market intelligence tool for internal use.

They wanted to create a tool to x-ray the entire booking intent landscape, including direct bookings, online travel agencies (OTAs), travel agencies, and other typical channels.

After months of work and hundreds of thousands of euros invested in research and innovation to develop such a system, the platform started showing very promising capabilities. The new market intelligence system had proprietary market research and data management techniques that the hotel industry has never seen before.

As COVID-19 struck, the project halted, and in 2021 it got canceled due to financial uncertainties. Undeterred, the project team saw enormous potential in the new market intelligence system and decided to continue developing it as their own, to use all their innovations to benefit every hotel, not just one global chain.

They resigned from their jobs to team up and transform the internal research system into an open web application that anyone can use – the hotel market intelligence system that would become GuestRadar.

Today, GuestRadar is revolutionizing hotel marketing by providing hoteliers with a comprehensive view of their markets.

With our proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics, hoteliers can understand who their future guests are, when they plan to travel, how much they will spend, and how they plan to book. We are proud to have helped countless hotels make data-driven decisions that have improved their marketing performance profoundly.

Our team is passionate about delivering cutting-edge technology and insights to our clients at a very affordable price point. This is why GuestRadar does not employ costly C-level management, working fully remotely, and prioritizing to provide the most information value at the lowest possible cost.


We’re a group of unconventional visionaries who prioritize market insights for hoteliers without excessive formalities or a mission to save the world.

Our agile company structure enables us to deliver exceptional value at a low cost, and as a fully remote, self-funded business, we avoid financial obligations to banks or investors.

With minimal expenses and mostly automated processes, we rely on exceptional, experienced talent from top companies to work with us at GuestRadar.

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