Where does GuestRadar’s data come from?

GuestRadar obtains real-time data from over 20 sources, including Google travel tools, flight and hotel booking platforms, OTAs, and direct surveys.

How accurate is GuestRadar’s data?

Our predictive insights show less than a 10% difference compared to official tourism statistics. We continuously refine our algorithms for improved accuracy.

Who is GuestRadar for?

Primarily targeting hotels, GuestRadar is also useful for travel agents and tour operators. A specialized module for travel agencies is in development.

Where is GuestRadar available?

GuestRadar is available in the Maldives, Indonesia, Seychelles, and Vietnam, with plans to expand based on demand.

Can the dashboard be customized?

Yes, dashboard customization is available for an additional fee.

Can custom insights be designed?

Custom insights can be designed if required data is accessible. Additional fees apply.

Can GuestRadar data be shared or published?

Sharing or publishing data is strictly prohibited and against our Terms of Service. Violators may face penalties up to $100,000.

Can I cancel during the 12-month subscription?

Cancellation is allowed, but refunds might not be granted.

Why use a Google-related email for access?

GuestRadar uses Google technology for security purposes and to prevent unauthorized access sharing.

How many users can access GuestRadar per organization?

Up to 5 users are allowed.

Can access for users be revoked?

Yes, you can request to revoke a user’s access via email.

Is support provided?

Support is available for customers using paid dashboards.