Providing data for the travel industry

Our mission is to make unified predictive travel trends data accessible for everyone.



With Market Finder, you can be sure that you are focusing on the right segments of the global market. You can go beyond countries and find the best potential targets based on factors such as age, budget, booking preferences, travel purposes, and more.

Interactive Dashboard

Our most popular service is the interactive analytical dashboard that summarizes millions of data points with intuitive charts. You can filter by country, budget, travel preferences, and more to find information about the segments that matter to you.

Database Access

For clients who prefer to do their analysis themselves, we can provide them with view access to our database. This access allows them to utilize custom queries to retrieve data. This solution works well for creating custom dashboards, generating Google Sheets reports, and other common data management practices.

Custom market reports

For clients who need a snapshot report or predictive insights without accessing our dashboard or database, we can provide a custom report. Based on millions of data points, we can prepare reports and analysis that provide significant information value to optimize your business efforts.

Custom integrations

A growing number of travel tech companies utilize our data in their web applications. GuestRadar provides adaptable solutions for custom development. Kindly get in touch with us to investigate available options.

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