predictive travel market insights for hotels and resorts

GuestRadar gets you 360 destination-specific inbound travel intent data for the next 12 months.

Nail your hotel marketing by knowing who to target, when, and which channels to be present on.

Designed for hotel management teams seeking improved ROI and consistent marketing performance.

One Dashboard to View Millions of Travel Intent Data Points for the Next 12 months

With GuestRadar, identifying lucrative market opportunities becomes effortless. In just a few clicks, you can browse and filter data from over 20 global travel sources, seamlessly blended together.

Use the powerful free version, or pay for full access to your selected live market data streams.

Resolve Marketing problems, Optimize Across All Channels, and plan with Confidence.

GuestRadar provides versatile market intelligence to boost all aspects of your hotel marketing. With rich data, optimize OTAs, direct sales, and even travel agent business. Follow our guides and tips to leverage GuestRadar to your advantage.

Reduce Hours of Marketing Planning to Just a Few Clicks

Forget sifting through cluttered data from various sources. With GuestRadar, everything is in one place on your dashboard. Simply filter data by ADR, budget, travel month, or preferred booking channel, and voila – your insights are instantly displayed on your screen.

Whether you’re seeking more bookings for specific months or aiming for higher-value guests, GuestRadar’s got you covered.

๐Ÿ”’No access to your data is required.

GuestRadar compiles data from 20+ external sources without requiring client-side data sharing or tracking code installation.