Unified market intelligence for the travel industry

Hotels, travel agents, booking companies, and travel industry journalists use GuestRadar to find reliable travel trends data. GuestRadar's mission is to make 360 predictive market intelligence available for everyone.

GuestRadar was founded by travel professionals with a clear objective: to make predictive travel intent data accessible to the entire travel industry. Before GuestRadar, the market offered limited-scope data that often fell short of comprehensive insights. We changed that by introducing 360-degree predictive insights available to everyone, from travel startups to established enterprises.

We aggregate and refine data from 20 different sources, such as meta-search platforms, booking engines, and airline databases. Our system blends and cleans millions of data points each week, updating our records every few hours, seven days a week. This robust approach provides an unparalleled scope and freshness of data.


As a fully remote, self-funded, and independent company, our sole focus is on delivering the most accurate and actionable insights for the travel industry. We aren’t tied to any external interests, allowing us to fully commit to our objective.

GuestRadar serves as a comprehensive resource for travel data, offering valuable forecasting that businesses can rely on for decision-making. We continually optimize our algorithms and sampling techniques to maintain the highest level of accuracy, setting a new industry standard for travel trends data.

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Our Story

GuestRadar originated from a collaboration of travel industry experts, united by the vision of a predictive travel trend platform.

Conceived years prior, it was in 2022, amidst the unpredictability of post-pandemic travel trends, that our concept became a reality.

As a fully independent, self-funded startup, GuestRadar prides itself on its autonomy, offering unbiased, data-driven insights to navigate the ever-changing travel landscape.

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