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Vietnam’s Emerging Tourism Trends in 2023: Market Insights and Analysis

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In this article, we delve into the emerging travel and tourism trends in Vietnam. With a focus on market insights, travel preferences, and traveler profiles, we offer a comprehensive analysis based on data collected between March 26, 2023, and April 2, 2023. As Vietnam continues to establish itself as a popular travel destination, understanding these trends is crucial for businesses and stakeholders in the tourism industry.

Section 1: General Overview of Inbound Tourism

Vietnam’s inbound tourism market has experienced significant growth over the past few years. This section provides an overview of the current state of inbound tourism, including top markets by demand, average daily rate (ADR), and length of stay. The ADR in Vietnam stands at $176, with travelers staying an average of 9 days and a median hotel budget of $1,456. The months with the highest ADR are June, July, December, January, February, and March, indicating a strong preference for travel during these periods.

Section 2: Traveler Profile

Understanding the demographics and preferences of travelers visiting Vietnam is crucial for catering to their needs and expectations. In this section, we delve into the traveler profile, including age groups, hotel budget, and types of travelers. Most travelers to Vietnam are 36 years old or younger, with hotel budgets increasing with age, especially for those above 50 years old.

Travelers can be categorized as couples (45%), family travelers (28%), solo travelers (14%), and groups or friends traveling together (12%). The majority of visitors come for vacation (67%), while others are business travelers (18%) and honeymooners (6%).

Section 3: Hotel Selection Influence

The decision-making process for selecting a hotel or resort in Vietnam is influenced by various factors. We examine the role of travel agents, friends and family recommendations, online search, and social media in the hotel selection process. Travel agents play a significant role, followed by friends and family recommendations, online search, and OTA search. Social media plays a minimal role in hotel selection, with its importance mainly among travelers aged 34 years and younger.

Section 4: Preferred Booking Channels

In this section, we explore the preferred booking channels for travelers visiting Vietnam. We discuss the percentage of travelers who book through travel agents (37%), online travel agencies (OTAs) (32%), and direct booking methods (18%). Understanding these preferences can help businesses optimize their marketing and distribution strategies to reach their target audience effectively.

Section 5: Top Market by ADR / Hotel Budget – Germany

Germany stands out as the top market by ADR and hotel budget in Vietnam. We analyze the German market’s ADR ($316), length of stay (9 days), hotel budget ($2,549), top booking channels (travel agents), and travel purposes (vacation). Additionally, we highlight the months with the most arrivals from Germany, which are July, December, and March 2024.

Section 6: Other Notable Markets

Aside from Germany, other top markets by ADR include Spain and the UK. However, markets with the lowest ADR are Italy, France, and India. Understanding the nuances of these different markets can help businesses in Vietnam tailor their offerings and marketing strategies to attract a diverse range of travelers.


Vietnam is experiencing dynamic growth in its tourism industry. A thorough understanding of market insights, travel trends, and tourism preferences is essential for businesses to capitalize on this growth.

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