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New Insights Coming Soon to GuestRadar Dashboards

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GuestRadar has always been dedicated to providing the most valuable data to help hoteliers make the best marketing decisions. With that in mind, we are excited to share that we have been working on new updates in collaboration with our market research tech partner, Market Sampler.

Digging Deeper into Hotel Selection Influences

One of the new features focuses on a fundamental question: What influences a guest’s decision when selecting a hotel? Is it the location, the delectable food, the captivating photos, the affordable price, the chic style, the strong reputation, or something else?

To answer these questions, we are expanding our direct market research efforts to include a wide range of factors. Participating travelers will provide feedback on what specifically influenced their hotel selection. This additional data will allow hotel marketing teams to fine-tune their marketing language and unique selling points to align better with guest preferences, ultimately leading to a more robust product-market fit.

Understanding Guest Expectations

Another critical update centers around guest expectations during their hotel stay. By examining this, hotels can gain a clearer understanding of what experiences or amenities they should highlight in their promotional activities or upselling strategies.

Launch Details and Access

These insights are currently being tested and are planned to be launched in late July 2023. Ensuring data accuracy and reliability is our priority. We are refining our research methodologies to ensure that the insights we provide are not just informative but statistically reliable and actionable.

Once launched, these features will be automatically added to all paid GuestRadar dashboards. For our users on the free dashboards, these features may be introduced slightly later.

Final Thoughts

These exciting new updates reaffirm our commitment at GuestRadar to provide hoteliers with valuable data to optimize their marketing strategies and increase conversion rates. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make GuestRadar the go-to tool for hoteliers around the globe.