How does it work?

GuestRadar is a hotel market intelligence tool that utilizes a unique approach to gather real-time data on people searching for hotels and resorts in select destinations.

The system tracks user behavior on various search engines, travel booking platforms, and travel-related websites, and then sends them micro surveys online with a few questions about their planned stay.

The collected data from the surveys is then mapped with other relevant data sources to provide additional insights to the users of GuestRadar.

To ensure data accuracy, all responses and data undergo a multi-step verification process to filter out bots or other suspicious entries. The tool also leverages advanced algorithms to map the customer profiles with other data points to uncover deeper insights on travel behavior patterns, preferences, and demographics. The resulting analysis is delivered to users in real-time, providing valuable information that can help hoteliers tailor their marketing efforts and improve their bottom line.

Overall, GuestRadar’s approach to hotel market intelligence combines advanced data analytics with microsurvey technology to deliver precise, real-time insights to hoteliers seeking to stay ahead of the competition.