Announcement: Major Updates Coming to Guestradar—Revolutionizing Travel and Tourism Data

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Dear Guestradar Community,

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming major update to Guestradar, set to redefine the way the travel and tourism industry leverages data. This transformative release has been developed through extensive research, comprehensive data gathering, and ongoing collaboration with industry experts.

Introducing Our New Data Model

The cornerstone of this update is our groundbreaking data model, meticulously designed and integrated to provide unprecedented insights into the travel and tourism landscape. This new model incorporates:

  • Government tourism statistics
  • Flight information
  • Data from major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • Direct market research

Monitor Global Trends Like Never Before

With the rollout of this update, users will gain the ability to monitor outbound travel from the top 50 countries globally, directed towards over 120 destinations. Our enhanced platform will offer a variety of data dimensions, including:

  • Travel budget
  • Travel time
  • Length of stay
  • Booking preferences
  • Travel purpose
  • Source of travel inspiration

This enriched dataset aims to empower hotels, travel agents, tour operators, and other industry players with daily updating forecasts for the next 12 months.

More Accessible Pricing Plans

We believe that information should be democratized for the betterment of the entire industry. To this end, we are pleased to introduce more affordable access plans, starting at just $49 a month per user.

Updates and Discontinuations

As we focus our efforts on this revolutionary upgrade, we will temporarily suspend our weekly market updates for the currently covered markets Maldives, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Rest assured, we will resume these reports shortly, laden with richer, more informative data.

We would also like to inform our users that free access accounts will be discontinued as we roll out the new data model.

Your Future with Guestradar

We are committed to providing the travel and tourism community with the most relevant, actionable, and comprehensive data. The upcoming changes are an embodiment of this commitment. We are excited to democratize information and business intelligence for the entire industry, and we are confident that this update will substantially contribute to your success.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

Warm regards, The Guestradar Team